Updates on Reese Unlimited Projects

It’s Saturday and I’m still busily working away on my various projects. The Rook Volume One will be released soon from Pro Se, with an all-new cover, interior art and a fresh edit. George Sellas will be doing the covers for the re-released Volumes 1-5 and will do interiors for 1-4, with Will Meugniot (comics and animation legend) doing the interiors for Volume Five. With those rolling out on a regular basis and with Tales of The Rook coming your way — *plus* the new Rook trilogy written by Tommy Hancock — you’re in a heck of a great time if you’re a fan of Max Davies and his friends.

I’m also very excited for everybody to see Lazarus Gray Volumes 3 & 4 – Volume 3 is completed and has been sent to Pro Se, while Volume Four is about half finished.

And *then* there’s Gravedigger. Our newest hero will make her debut in 2013 — I’m about 1/4 of the way finished with her debut. As with most of my books, George Sellas is attached to that one as artist.

Lazarus Gray: Origins… Mark Propst is working on this. He’s backed up with work for DC Comics’ Action Comics series right now but he’s promised me that he’ll be producing pages soon.

With Lazarus, Gravedigger and The Rook we’ll have a pretty strong triumvirate of characters based in the 1930s and 1940s.

Which means it might be time to introduce a character who will most definitely NOT fit into that time period.

Stay tuned.

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