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After randomly picking up the first volume, I was excited to see another Lazarus Gray book come out. And let me tell you, it does not disappoint!

While there are only two stories in this volume, they make for some pretty important reading.

The first story “Die Glocke” is an amazing follow up to the previous volume and a fantastic adventure/supernatural story in it’s own right. I was honestly surprised seeing quite a few villains return in this story, but even more surprised Reese took the characters out of Sovereign City for an adventure around the world. The parts in Egypt were spectacular and the story takes an unexpected turn 3/4ths of the way through. We meet new characters both good and evil and the most surprising of the bunch…Professor Murder. Just read it and you’ll understand why. The ending is absolutely touching!

The second story “The Making of a Hero” teams Assistance Unlimited with public domain hero The Black Terror. It has an amazing opening which I would kill to see as a short film. The story itself was fun and I’m eager to see if we’ll ever see Lazarus Gray and The Black Terror meeting again.

If you enjoyed the first volume, just know this one is different but in all the right ways! We exchange quality for quantity and I’m personally eager to see where the story goes from here.

Lazarus Gray and his team are fun characters and reading this book you’ll hopefully get a wide sense of fun and adventure! I couldn’t recommend this more!

Thanks, Jose! I’m really glad that you enjoyed the second book in the series. I like to think I took some real chances with the stories that are in there. The decision to take the group out of Sovereign was very deliberate. Sovereign is a town with a lot of heroes and I think it deserves at least one group who does both local crime-busting and global adventures. I hope Assistance Unlimited will be that team.

Hope you’ll enjoy Volume Three when it’s released šŸ™‚

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