Just started reading THE GREAT PULP HEROES by Don Hutchison. I’ve read lots of pulp resource books but this is one has slipped under my radar until now. So far, so good.

Working on Gravedigger the past few days. It’s still going well but I’m feeling anxious to be done with both it and Lazarus Gray Volume Four. A long way to go on each, though. It’s rare for me to write two books at once and the resulting increase in length of time it’s taking to complete them is making me antsy.

Sorry for the brevity in some of my posts lately — there hasn’t been much in the New Pulp field that’s gotten me excited or anxious to voice my opinions on it so I’ve been forced to look around for other things to talk about. I will say that some of the plots I’ve received so far for Tales of The Rook Volume Two are quite exciting, though. I look forward to reading the stories and then sharing them with all of you later on.

I inquired recently if anyone had any topics they wanted me to address but nobody responded so I assume you’re all happy with me rambling about whatever is on my mind at the time. If there is something you want me to cover, please drop me a line.

For those wondering about the Lazarus Gray Origins project, it’s still alive with artist Mark Propst. Maybe someday….

Our art today is by Norm Breyfogle. One of my favorite Rook images ever!

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