Doc Panic (David White) posted the following review of RABBIT HEART on

WOWWW!!! This book really jumps outside the lines of what I have read in the past from Barry. It was not a bad thing though. The book is more of a R rated book and that is putting it mildly, but don’t let this fool you. The book is still packed with the great story telling and wonderful character creation I have come to expect from Barry. It also has quite a bit of input from Ascott Keane, the Occultist, who I have enjoyed and wanted to see a little more of. This book provides that, and in some ways even shows a little deeper side of the character, which was great.

The story centers around a young girl named Fiona Chapman, who finds her life changed at an early age, but decides to choose her own path, and with a little nudge from Ascott, she does.

The book has a very strong sexual and somewhat violent context, but it grabs hold of you from the beginning and doesn’t let go till the end, and if you are like me, you will be wanting MORE!

Thanks, Doc! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I did begin a sequel at one point but I set it aside — it was MUCH more violent and sexual than Rabbit Heart and I just thought it was a little too much. Plus, writing Rabbit Heart was a very dark period for me, creatively, and I haven’t been bold enough to go back there yet. But maybe someday!

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