So I created a mini stir on my Facebook fan page yesterday by suggesting that I was seriously considering stepping away from New Pulp and/or writing after the eventual release of both Lazarus Gray Volume Four and Gravedigger. I’m not backtracking from that statement but longtime followers of my writing career know that I have a love/hate relationship with writing in general. I would never say that I “enjoy” writing — it’s a compulsion that I have not been able to break.It’s very much a disorder that has brought me as much grief as it has happiness. I appreciate all the opportunities it’s given me and all the cool people I’ve met, but it’s also a royal pain in the behind.

Considering I have accumulated forty years of this affliction, it stands to reason that I’ll probably still be writing long after those books have been released.

But I do wish that wasn’t the case.

Anyway, I’ll probably do another Valiant heroes rpg post in the next few days — it’s not like anybody’s begging me to, but that’s never stopped me before! LOL


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  1. I totally get where you’re coming from when you say it’s a compulsion. While I’ve found my original work hitting a wall, I have managed to regularly crank out fanfiction. Maybe it’s because most of the fan work I do is collaborations with other people, so that helps to stimulate me.

    If you still feel the compulsion to write but don’t want to work on your own stuff, maybe try switching it up, doing some collaborations or dipping your toes back into fan work, at least partially? Could help you scratch the itch.

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