I’m tired. Work continues on my writing projects and my day job is gearing up for a major fundraiser on Saturday – plus I’m planning a festival for 2013 that will bring people in from around the state. It’s all I can do to keep my eyes open!

Here’s my opinions on a bunch of different stuff:

Marvel NOW! has been mostly bleh to me. Right now, I’m reading Scarlet Spider and most issues of Amazing Spider-Man but that’s all from Marvel. I do plan to try Uncanny Avengers and Avengers because I’m a fan of The Avengers going way, way back and the creative teams have me curious. I’ll probably also try the first issue of Bendis’ X-Men… but beyond that, I’m not dipping my toes into the Marvel waters again. I’ve been burned too many times.

Still enjoying the New 52 from DC, though. In fact, every time they cancel a few titles and add new ones, I end up buying more than are going off my list! Ugh. DC, stop taking my money.

The Shadow continues to be good from Dynamite though it’s definitely its own beast — this isn’t the pulp Shadow nor is it the radio version.

From the reborn Valiant, I’m loving X-O Manowar and Bloodshot. Don’t care for Harbinger and I’m going to trade wait Archer & Armstrong.

On the New Pulp side of things, I still need to pick up the new Dillon novel. That’s probably going to be my next New Pulp purchase, in fact.

Beyond that, I’m kinda bored with New Pulp at the moment. That’s not to disparage the folks working in it or the books that are out now, I just don’t sense the excitement that I was feeling in the community earlier in the year. My growing dissatisfaction with the marketing of my own Reese Unlimited characters and concepts probably plays into this. I would love to see my characters move into other media but Pro Se doesn’t have the manpower to really push that and I haven’t taken the reigns the way I should. Perhaps when I’m done with Lazarus volume 4 and Gravedigger volume 1, I can step back from writing for awhile and do just that.

Saw “The Possession” — it was okay. Definitely a by-the-numbers horror flick but it had a few decent scares. I do detest PG-13 horror films, though. If it’s not rated R, I feel like I’m watching an edited-for-TV version.

Been dieting for the past few months and I’ve lost 33 pounds as of this morning. People have asked me my secret. It’s actually pretty simple: I’ve stopped eating food. LOL I jest, of course, but I have drastically reduced what I eat. I’m following Weight Watchers and I find its numbers-based approach works well for me.

Our art today is from Lazarus Gray Volume Three (coming in the near future!). It’s by George Sellas and I think it’s simply awesome!


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