Stuff. And More Stuff.

So it’s Wednesday around the Reese Unlimited offices and I’m still working hard on my Sovereign City stories. I’m enjoying both Gravedigger and Lazarus Gray but I’m also starting to get that anxious need to finish off both books. Wish me luck in pushing forward on them!

Still no word on Mystery Project # 2 for Moonstone. I’ve inquired about its status so we’ll see.

Actually had an idea for a Rook story this morning, which hasn’t happened in a long while. Maybe I’ll actually do another Max Davies story soon? I dunno.

I do want to also say that Anthony Castrillo, who did several covers and some interior art for me on my Rook series, is no longer associated in any way with my books. In fact, his artwork will not appear at all in the new Pro Se editions that are coming soon. If anyone would like the full details, they are free to contact me but I won’t go into the gory descriptions here on my blog. I will say this — if you take on a project, you owe it to people to finish that project or at least have the decency to tell someone that you’re not going to do it.

Our art today is by the amazing Barry Windsor Smith and is one of his Solar, Man of the Atom covers. I’ve been thinking about doing more rpg writeups of the Valiant heroes (I did X-O Manowar a few weeks back) but since they’re not pulp, I held off. I do like to keep the blog fairly on-topic… but then again, it’s my blog so I decide what the topic is, right? LOL So earlier today you saw Solar — and soon, you might see a few more.