Tuesday Tidings

So I continue to split time between Lazarus Gray Volume Four and Gravedigger Volume One — with Lazarus getting most of the attention the past few days.

I sent all the files for Lazarus Volume Three to the guys at Pro Se yesterday — the cover and interior pieces by George Sellas, along with the two stories I’ve written for that one. For the record, the stories are “Murder Unlimited” and “Eidolon.” I’d expect that it won’t see print until sometime in the first quarter of 2013 but hey, I’ve done my part for now.

Finished reading “The Man from Shanghai” last night — a really solid entry in The Shadow series. All Shadows are good but the better ones feature villains who are capable of really challenging The Shadow. This one features a plethora of baddies and was quite interesting.

Not 100% sure what I’ll read next — perhaps another Shadow, maybe the new Star Trek Voyager novel that’s out (based upon the cover it looks like they’re reviving Janeway, which is a good thing).

Did Marvel Heroic rpg stats for Gravedigger and then realized that I can’t post them without spoiling the story that won’t see print until sometime next year! LOL. So they’re being mothballed for now.

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