Barry Reese

Pulp Writer Extraordinaire

October 31, 1936

This is not a decision entered into lightly. It is a tremendous gesture of faith that are you about receive.

There was a pause before The Voice continued. Charity stirred within the casket, fear beginning to mount within her. How long had she been buried beneath the earth? How much air was left to her?

You will have three years in which to redeem your soul. Find those who are unfit for the world of mortals and destroy them: man or demon, the enemy of the innocent is now your enemy. You will put them into their graves and shovel upon them the dirt that symbolizes their eviction from this plane of existence.

On Halloween Night, 1939, you will be called back to this place and you will be judged for a final time. If your soul has been made pure, you will find your reward. If your soul is still tainted black… Your suffering will never know an end.

Do you accept these terms? Do you want to live?

Charity had forced the words out, ignoring the pain it caused her. Her throat was dry and raw. “Yes. Yes! I want to live.”

So be it.

2 thoughts on “Gravedigger

  1. whalehugger says:

    Looks promising and I’ll be interested to see how the character matures through the stories. Also like your decision to make her female. Keep us informed, ‘kay?

  2. I agree with whalehugger, I am very interested in seeing how this character matures and what kind of back story she has. You have me hooked and curious.

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