Thursday Things

Hoping to hit 30,000 words on the Lazarus Gray story tonight — then I’ll head back to Gravedigger and try to raise that one up to 10,000. I usually prefer to focus on one story at a time but deadlines often force me to multitask. In this case, I’m working on two stories at once by choice and it’s been fun — I’ve noticed a little bit of bleed-over from work to work but I think only the most ardent of readers will pick up on it. I thought about combining the stories, actually, but in the end, I want Gravedigger to stand on her own. Putting her introduction into a Lazarus Gray story would make it seem like she was a secondary figure and I very much want her to be seen as “equal” to The Rook and Lazarus Gray.

I’ve been doing research on a licensed project that I hope to start on soon. I can’t go into real detail yet (waiting for all the papers to be signed by my publisher and the other party) but it will be something really different than the norm for me.

To celebrate this wonderful Thursday, I give you Lenka’s Trouble Is A Friend. In my imagination, Lazarus Gray was the featured character of an old black and white television show — and this song was its theme. I know, I’m a little bit crazy, right? Enjoy!