Wacky Wednesdays

Progress continues on both of my current projects, with Lazarus Gray volume four topping 28,000 words and Gravedigger at just under 9,000. I’m still waiting for SyFy to come and ask me if they can do a live-action movie based upon one of my books. I imagine I’ll be waiting for awhile! 🙂

Reading an old Shadow novel right now — The Man from Shanghai. I continue to be amazed by how consistently good Walter Gibson was. It really puts me in my place as a pulp writer.

Things are feeling pretty slow in the New Pulp world to me at present but maybe that’s just because I don’t have anything on the horizon for immediate publication. I haven’t read the new Dillon book yet but I should. There are several other Pro Se and Airship 27 books that I should dive into, as well…

Our art today is a production sketch from Lazarus Gray Volume Three — if you’re wondering what the hell is about to happen in the scene, that’s good. It’s meant to whet your appetite, after all. It’s by George Sellas, who rocks the New Pulp world again and again.

Are there any topics you guys would like to see me tackle on the blog? Any questions you want answered or anything you want my opinion on? I try to update the blog every day but coming up with that much material is draining at times! Help me out!