Hello All!

I figured it was time to check in on various irons that I have in the fire. Buckle up, boys, ’cause it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar – I’ve completed edits on this one, which will hopefully see print “soon” from Moonstone.

The Avenger — See above.

Moonstone Mystery Project # 2 — I haven’t received any feedback on this one yet. Hopefully it will be accepted and edits will commence.

Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon — The writing is all finished, the cover is completed. George Sellas is working on the final interior piece now and then it’s completed. ETA 2013.

The Rook Volume Seven – This one will be written by Tommy Hancock and he’s almost 50% through with the first draft.

Gravedigger — I’m closing in on 9,000 words on this one. Given that I’ll be shooting for 60K, that tells you where I’m standing on it. ETA Early 2013.

Lazarus Gray Volume Four: Leviathan — I’m over 26,000 words on this one, so I’m almost halfway through the book. ETA Mid to Late 2013.

Mystery Project for Jim Beard — I turned in a story for this anthology that’s being overseen by Jim Beard. It was accepted. I’ve been told it should drop sometime around October of this year.

That’s all for now — there are other things (like a Phantom Detective story that I owe Airship 27) that aren’t due for quite awhile yet but this covers everything that’s currently out there in various stages of publication.


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