New Reviews!

Doctor Panic posted the following review on, covering Guan-Yin and the Horrors of Skull Island: This was a fun pirate story, with a good amount of action. I would have liked to see a little more depth,as it got a little predictable at the end, but still very enjoyable. It reminded me somewhat of Conan’s Belit, or at least that is who I myself pictured, though Guan-yin is no where near as big a cut-throat. It was fun, and the characters stood out. I could definitely stand to read more of Guan-Yin.

Thanks, Doc! I had fun writing that story, which was one of Wild Cat Books’ “Pulse Pounders,” a series of novella-length digests, similar to what Pro Se is now doing with The Pulptress and other titles. Nancy Hansen has expressed an interest in reviving Guan-Yin so maybe there are more stories to be told with that character!

Over on Twitter, Jose Rivera posted this about Die Glocke: I just finished Die Glocke (the story, not the second volume) and that ending with Miya was very touching! Just looking to clarify… where did she jump to? Another Earth or back in time?”

I’ve gotten several interesting comments about the ending to that story! I’m glad that it worked for you. To make it clear: Miya’s actions created a separate timeline, one that was shaped to her wishes. The final scene with her is set in that timeline and is not the “main” Lazarus Gray universe.

Thanks, guys! Not just because you liked the stories but because you took the time to post your comments. Writing is a lonely vocation at times so it’s always good to get feedback (both positive and negative).