Gravedigger continues to claw her way to the surface but it hasn’t been an easy journey. Unlike Lazarus Gray, who sprang pretty much fully-formed in my head, this character has gone through a lot of transformations that you’ll never actually see on the page.

Originally, she was a he and was going to be a kind of globetrotting supernatural Indiana Jones. But that was scrapped when I decided to keep allowing Assistance Unlimited to venture out of Sovereign — Gravedigger, I decided, would be a homebody, adventuring within the confines of our fictional city. I thought about giving them a base in the cemetery but changed that when I added Goldstein, an elderly mentor. Around that same time, Gravedigger’s gender got switched and I came up with the idea that she was actually tied directly to the “origin” of an Assistance Unlimited member (feel free to go over what’s been established and try to guess which one).

George Sellas designed a look, we talked back and forth and it was tweaked until we got one that we feel works.

Then I wrote the first 5,000 words of her origin story. Only it felt… too much like an origin story. So now I’m going to set that aside and start fresh, diving straight into an adventure of Gravedigger and using bits and pieces from her origin where appropriate. I think it’ll make for a more exciting introduction (thanks to my wife for the push to do it this way).

We’re still on track for a 2013 debut and I think each revision is making for a stronger character — so stay tuned. Things are about to get real bloody in Sovereign.

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