Thursday Teasings

So last night George Sellas emailed me with an idea for Gravedigger that coincided with some of my own musings on the subject. As a result, Gravedigger is undergoing some changes that will better help the character fit into my pulp universe. Gravedigger will be a contemporary of Lazarus Gray and The Rook so rather than create another major male hero, we’re tweaking things and making Gravedigger a woman — and, yes, I’m well aware that the name is something generally associated with men. You’ll find out in the very first story, though, why and how she gets that monicker. Since I’m viewing Gravedigger as the final piece of my major triumvirate of heroes, it makes sense to go this route. I’ve written strong female characters before (in Rabbit Heart, The Damned Thing and Guan-Yin and the Horrors of Skull Island) so I think I’m quite capable of making her stand toe-to-toe with my previous creations. Look for more details soon… and look for the years 1937-1940 to be very important ones for both Lazarus and Gravedigger. That’s all I’m sayin’ for now.

I’m splitting time right now between writing the first Gravedigger story and Lazarus Gray volume 4. Bliss.

George has one more piece of art to turn in for Volume Three and then that one is a wrap. I don’t think it will see print until early 2013 due to how tightly packed the Pro Se schedule is — and they still have to get volumes 1 & 2 of the revamped Rook Chronicles out before the end of the year!

Dragon*Con is just around the corner. Remember that I’ll be there this year, sitting in on both of the pulp panels they’re offering. I’ll remind all of you of the exact schedule as we get closer.

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