Ramblings… and “Origins” News!

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So, I’m currently reading “The Book of Death,” a 1942 Shadow novel. I’m really enjoying it — it’s amazing to me that Walter Gibson was able to write not only so many novels so quickly but that so many of them were home runs. Brilliant. Simply puts me to shame as a writer.

I’ve been mostly working on the lead story for Lazarus Gray Volume Four lately, which pairs the Assistance Unlimited team with Thunder Jim Wade. It’s been fun so far — hopefully people will agree once they see the finished work. I’m still waiting on some reference material to come before I can really start on the licensed property I’ll be working with — hopefully that can be announced soon.

George Sellas is working on the first Gravedigger design — can’t wait to get a chance to dive into that character’s adventures. Gravedigger will be set in Sovereign City but don’t expect him to be teaming up with Lazarus Gray very often — in fact, they’re just as likely to be at each other’s throat.

Don’t forget about the webstore — you can buy books directly from me and get them personalized, while supplies last.

Been re-reading classic Valiant lately. I miss that universe a lot. The relaunched Valiant line is a lot of fun but I’m feeling nostalgic for the old versions. A few years ago, I used to run a mailing list devoted to Valiant and I also wrote fanfiction featuring those characters. Eh. Maybe Valiant will come calling, wanting me to novelize their stories. LOL I’m not holding my breath for that one.

The Lazarus Gray “Origins” project… might be alive and kicking once more. Mark Propst, an illustrator who has worked on books like FemForce and Southern Knights (as well as inking for DC Comics) was originally supposed to be the interior artist on Lazarus Gray Volume One but that didn’t work out… and I managed to find George Sellas, who did such a wonderful job that I’m more than happy with how things have worked out. Now that Anthony Castrillo has bailed on the Origins project, Mark Propst may be interested in completing it. He’s got the script and Anthony’s layouts now. Fingers crossed that we’ll finally see this project get off the ground. A sample of Mark’s work accompanies this post. I think he has the skill and talent to do the job very well — and his work is complementary to the style that George has established for the series. I hope all of you are as excited as I am about this news!

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