Friday Things

Thanks to all the folks who gave me nice feedback on my post yesterday — it was just a bunch of thoughts that were running through my head but I’m glad that some people found inspiration in them.

Over on Goodreads, a user named Ray posted the following about Die Glocke: 5/5 stars. I’d give it 6 stars if I could. Great story, great characters. Just awesome!

Thanks, Ray! I’m really glad you liked it. It was a lot of fun to write — I think that if you thought Die Glocke was a great tale, you’ll find volume 3’s Eidolon even better!

Raiders of the Lost Ark is coming back to theaters! Yay! But it’s IMAX theaters. Boo! Not a fan of watching movies in IMAX or 3D — I’d love to see a restored re-release in standard 2D theaters, though.

I’m about 1/3 of the way through the current story I’m writing (which will appear in Lazarus Gray Volume 4). After that, I might have some licensed work to do and then I can start on Gravedigger, my newest pulp hero! Gravedigger will appear in 2013 and will be part of the Sovereign City Project.

I’ve heard from a few folks who are sad that the Lazarus Gray Origins project has been killed. Believe me, I’m just as disappointed.