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Wow! The new Web Store has been a smash hit — in fact, we’re down to single digits in terms of stock on some of the out-of-print Rook titles. I humbly thank everyone who’s placed orders — I sent out the first few packages this morning.

I’ve been of two minds with regards to writing lately: I’m enjoying the current story that I’m working on and I’m looking forward to attending Dragon*Con as a guest once again this year but I’m so burned out on everything else. I’m tired of the drama, of the promises, the politics — all of the stuff that comes with any social group. The New Pulp crowd is no different — and I certainly don’t claim to be blameless about that. I’ve done my fair share of all of the above. Still, it wears on me.

Today we get another finished piece from George Sellas — this one will run in Volume Three of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray. It features the evil members of Murder Unlimited. If it looks strangely formatted, it’s because I hope to have it run vertically in the book, so you’ll have to turn it sideways. Anyway, longtime fans of the series will recognize Princess Femi and the gentleman coming through the front door is Doc Pemberley, who appeared in several stories in Volume One.

I asked on Twitter but I’ll repeat the question here: if I did a story starring one of the Assistance Unlimited team in a solo-starring tale, who would you like to see get the nod? Eun, Samantha or Morgan?

4 thoughts on “Musings

  1. David White says:

    I think you could really do something cool with Morgan and his background

  2. Jose A. Rivera says:

    I agree with Morgan. Eun could have interesting stories, but he gets featured a lot, as does Samantha; both are capable characters in their own right. Yet, when it comes down to the stories, especially the last few, Morgan’s either been injured, watching the girls on the boat or otherwise indisposed. He seems like he has a rich history before he met Lazarus and the rest of the gang and given his underworld connections, you could get one hell of a crime story out of him.

  3. I do agree (in retrospect) that Morgan hasn’t gotten less play than the others. Sounds like Morgan’s due for a solo story soon….

  4. Jose A. Rivera says:

    I can’t wait to see who the other members of Murder Unlimited are. I guessed Femi and suspected Pemberley, but the others sure have interesting looks. If I can say anything about these books, is that you sure make some spectacular villains with distinct visual styles!

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