Lazarus Gray Reviews!

An Amazon user going by the name Darkendale Raven posted reviews of the first two Lazarus Gray volumes! Here’s what he had to say about book one:

I found this new pulp hero by the great Barry Reese to be a welcome addition to my pulp fiction collection. Lazarus Gray and Assistance, Unlimited is very obviously inspired by The Avenger and Justice, Inc. but there are enough differences to make the new character stand firmly on his own feet. Look for many tantalizing small clues as to homage to older pulps, some I found delightfully clever. The headquarters, for example, is on Robeson Lane. A character has the name Walter J. Newton (Walter as in Walter B Gibson, Shadow author)(J. Newton as in Josh Newton of the Avenger crew!) Great show Barry! We look forward to more and your upcoming Gravedigger character

Thanks! I’m glad you picked up on the names I gave people and places – it was a fun thing for me to do.

Here’s his review of volume two:

This new volume of the adventures of Lazarus Gray and Assistance, Unlimited delivers the same hard hitting, fast paced action of the first. More Nazi supernatural hijinks, unleashing powers that they cannot control. Wouldn’t it be great to send them after one of the copies of The Necronomicon? That’s a hint, Barry! Loved the return of Princess Femi and her undead mummy army. I get the feeling she won’t stay dead long… Walther Lunt with his two-face looks is also on the return, as is Gray’s old flame, the lovely and extremely deadly Miya Shimadi. This longer adventure enabled Barry to really unleash his characters to their fullest potential. I also liked the tantalizing hints about the third volume of Lazarus Gray. So someone goes rogue? Who, hummmm….? Looking forward to it and The Gravedigger!

You definitely haven’t seen the last of Femi – she plays a big part in Volume Three’s storyline. The “rogue” member of the team will be greatly altered by the end of that book, so stay tuned.

I love the Necronomicon idea… Just might use that at some point!

I have a feeling you’ll really enjoy Gravedigger!

Thanks again for the reviews, Darkendale Raven!