Savage Beauty (Marvel Heroic RPG Stats)

Savage Beauty
Lacy and Liv Rae
Created by Ed Catto, Joe Ahearn and Mike Bullock
First Appearance: Savage Beauty New York Comic Con Ashcan Exclusive

Stats are for either of the sisters — see background below for specifics. Also note that only Lacy has Enhanced Stamina and only Liv has the Psych specialty to reflect her caring nature.

Affiliations: Solo D8 Buddy D10 Team D6

Distinctions: D4 (+1PP) or D8
Protectors of Africa
Funded by Mr. Eden
Inheritors to the Legacy of the Goddess Anaya

Power Sets:
Jungle Girls
Enhanced Reflexes D8
Enhanced Senses D8
Weapons D8
Enhanced Stamina D8 (Lacy only)
SFX: Second Chance – Spend 1 PP to reroll when using any Jungle Girls power.
Limit: Exhausted – Shutdown any Jungle Girls power to gain 1 PP. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition Scene.
Limit: Gear.

Acrobatic Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Combat Expert D8 or 2D6
Covert Expert D8 or 2D6
Psych Expert D8 or 2D6 (Liv only)

Shining Light on the Plight of Africa
1 XP when confronting an issue or crime that is torn from the headlines (example: human trafficking, gun running, child soldiers or government corruption)
3 XP when able to restore captured or enslaved people to freedom.
10 XP when bringing about major change for the better (example: exposing a corrupt official, destroying a human trafficking ring, etc.)

We Are Anaya
1XP when claiming to be the Goddess Anaya to someone for the first time.
3XP when learning some new aspect of Anaya’s legend from Mr. Eden.
10XP when orced to go to great lengths to prove their divinity.

Background Info (Borrowed from  The Savage Beauty Homepage):

Savage Beauty is the story of two half-sisters, Lacy and Liv Rae, and their adventures in Africa. Recent UCLA graduates, the sisters are ostensibly on assignment for African Adventures magazine, traveling the continent for feature stories. In reality, guided by the mysterious Mr. Eden, these young women are tasked with righting wrongs on a local basis. Assuming the identity of the mythological goddess Anaya, the sisters use the legend, their wits, and Mr. Eden’s vast resources to gain an advantage over wrongdoers.

Lacy Rae– This young beauty may seem like a typical Malibu Barbie type girl, but she’s much more. She’s an excellent volleyball player and dancer who excelled in her geo-political studies to graduate at the top of her class with a major in Journalism. Her very nature is to always look ahead which others sometimes misconstrue as impatience or impetuousness. The daughter of the film star Johnny Rae, Lacy has always used her family’s wealth to better herself and give back to others.

Liv Rae– An orphan in Kenya when she first met the film star Johnny Rae and his wife Talia, the Rae’s adopted Liv after two battling guerilla contingents destroyed her hometown. Liv is only a few months younger than Lacy. After an initial rocky period, the two very different girls formed a lifelong bond. Liv is a thoughtful and careful planner, very emotive, and sensitive to the needs of others. Although she is a quick thinker and highly adaptable, Liv would much prefer to mentally strategize any plan before springing into action. Liv is a top swimmer and majored in communication arts at UCLA.

Mr. Eden – The mysterious benefactor of Lacy and Liv as well as the caretaker of the Anaya legend, Mr. Eden is a mysterious yet powerful Ethiopian businessman. It has not yet been revealed how Lacy and Liv came to know the mysterious Mr. Eden. Ties between Eden Holdings, LTD and Johnny Rae’s film company, Sun Rae Pictures, are rumored but as of yet unconfirmed.

Anaya – A mythological goddess whose history is not limited to a single nation or people. As a cross-continental figure, Anaya is known for both her rewarding generosity and her ferocious vengeance. Legend has it that she manifests herself in gold or ebony, dolling out blessings on the innocent and pure of heart while wreaking vengeance on the wicked.