Sovereign City News

Okay! So I finished off my story for Jim Beard’s project yesterday and it was accepted. So now it’s back to Sovereign City and our old friend, Lazarus Gray. Die Glocke is the second book in the series but I’ve already completed work on Volume Three (which will have the title The Adventures of Lazarus Gray Volume Three: Eidolon) and I’m pounding the keyboard on the first story that will run in Volume Four — this time around, Lazarus Gray and Thunder Jim Wade team up to combat the evil of Leviathan. Leviathan has actually appeared in at least one of the first two books but you didn’t know him by that name.

I’m such a tease, aren’t I?

I’m also going to be launching a brand new character set in Sovereign City — a figure called Gravedigger. Gravedigger will be quite different from Lazarus, so much so that they probably won’t be getting along all that well. Lazarus splits time between the supernatural and the more mundane crime but Gravedigger is going to be delving into a whole other world of pain and despair. George Sellas is mulling over his design now and hopefully I’ll be teasing you with more information soon — Gravedigger is slated to debut in 2013. As soon as I finish off the current Lazarus story, I’ll be writing the first Gravedigger story.

The Adventures of Fortune McCall by Derrick Ferguson is also set in Sovereign City — as is Tommy Hancock’s Doc Daye, the first collection of which should be coming out soon. And a little birdie’s told me that the second volume of Fortune McCall might be out before the end of the year!

A thread on the Pro Se Facebook page recently indicated that there was a lot of interest in seeing Sovereign City expanded, either with other writers or simply new characters, and I think that all three of the Sovereign founders (Tommy, Derrick and myself) would love that — but it needs to be controlled growth with a strong level of quality control.