Barry Reese

Pulp Writer Extraordinaire

Today we have the finished version of the piece I teased the other day. The art is by the incomparable George Sellas and it’s a scene from the third volume of Lazarus Gray, which will be out in early 2013. The two battling ladies are Princess Femi (taking the punishment here) and Abigail Cross, who is introduced in Die Glocke, now on sale!

Sometime in the next week or so, I hope to have a page up on this site where you can buy books directly from me. Not all of my books will be available but in some cases, I have a good number of them taking up space around the house… And I have copies of the now out-of-print first five volumes of The Rook. You’ll be able to buy them at cover price and I’ll sign them, as well. All payments will go through Paypal. Eventually, I’d like to offer other kinds of merchandise, as well. Technically, my licensing deal allows Pro Se first rights on all my merchandising but we’ll see how things develop.

Got a copy of Echoes 30: Three Decades of Pulp Fandom’s Greatest Magazine. I’ve only spent a little time flipping through it but it looks like a fun read. I wish the chapter on “New Pulp Heroes” had included characters like Dillon, Brother Bones, The Black Centipede, etc. but that’s a relatively minor quibble.  For those wondering, the chapter in question features bios on characters who mostly predate the current New Pulp explosion.

Currently trying to finish off a project for Jim Beard and then I have a whole host of things I need to work on. There’s Lazarus Gray/Thunder Jim Wade for Lazarus volume 4… there’s Gravedigger, my new series that will debut in 2013… and then there’s the super-secret stuff that I haven’t revealed yet. So much to do!

My little boy starts Kindergarten on Monday. Time sure flies. I remember when he used to sleep on my shoulder and I had to feed him his bottle every couple of hours. Now he’s an expert on Green Lantern and there’s nothing in the world he doesn’t have an opinion about. I hope that someday he looks back at all these stories I wrote and he finds some enjoyment in them.


6 thoughts on “It’s Saturday! Yep.

  1. whalehugger says:

    I’ll be interested in checking out The Rook series. Just have to figure out whether I want to go with an ebook or the real thing. Love ebooks, but also love having a signed copy of a book, too. Decisions, decisions!

  2. Jaime Ramos says:

    Since ive discovered pro se, i’ve been looking at different writers’ sites. The Rook appears to be a character i would like! I plan on ordering a book or two after payday…My son is also starting kindergarten this week! I’m rather nervous!
    I wish you well this week!

  3. Hi Jamie! Hope your son does well with kindergarten! I was much more nervous than my son was, so I know the feeling. He started today.

    1. Jaime Ramos says:

      Thanks Barry! So which book on the Rook do u recommend i start with? There appears to be quite a few!

  4. Books 1-5 are currently out of print but should be back out in new editions soon (I think books 1 & 2 are supposed to re-released before the end of 2012). When I get the shop set up here on the blog, you could buy the old edition of volume 1 from me — I’d say start at the beginning! But if you can’t wait that long, you could buy Tales of The Rook, which has stories from myself and a bunch of other writers.

    1. Jaime Ramos says:

      Thanks Barry! I am looking forward to checking it out. I’m a writer as well. I have submitted some proposals to Pro Se, and they are reviewing them. I want to see what other wroters have put together, as pulp is new to me!
      Have a good one!

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