Preview Art

Today we have an art rough from George Sellas, showing Abby Cross slugging Femi — a scene that will appear in Lazarus Gray Volume Three, coming your way in early 2013. Lovely stuff! Ka-Pow!

I’m also still working on my current short story, which should end up being around 10,000 words. Then it’s on to other things. I really, really hope to avoid too many things with hard deadlines in the near future.

We’ll see how well that goes, lol.

The Lazarus Gray “Origins” project is officially, 100% dead. Anthony Castrillo never turned in anything other than the initial layouts, despite him telling me on more than one occasion that I would get the finished pages “within hours.” Anthony is a great artist and I’m glad that his work has adorned a number of my books, but this project simply wasn’t meant to be.  Live and learn.