So Many Words To Write, So Little Time!

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Spent a large part of yesterday emailing back and forth with George Sellas, hammering out details for my upcoming series, Gravedigger. I’m setting it in the same universe as The Rook and Lazarus Gray but he’ll be very different in some ways. I think  you can definitely expect sparks to fly if this new character crosses paths with either of my other major heroes.

Have a Skype call scheduled for later today that should be interesting. If all goes well, there might be some big news coming soon… if it doesn’t work out, though, it was still a fun idea. You can’t get something big if you don’t go out on a limb every now and then.

We still have one slot open in our Lazarus Gray review contest — the first two people who post reviews of Die Glocke on are entered into a drawing for a free signed edition of The Rook Volume One (the new fully revised edition coming from Pro Se). David White has already posted a review so he’s got a 50/50 chance of winning… will you be joining him? Our art today, by the way, is the cover to the book that you might be winning!

About halfway through with a story that has an August due date and then I plan to split time between finishing the Lazarus Gray/Thunder Jim Wade team-up and starting the first Gravedigger story. I might also begin work on my Phantom Detective story for Airship 27.

So many words to write, so little time.



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