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Comics and pulp go together like peanut butter and jelly! So here’s a list of my favorite comics series out there right now (in no particular order):

Bloodshot: I’ve only read one issue so far but I’m very intrigued. I really liked the original version from the Nineties but this a real reboot, with some major differences. The art is nice, the story has some great twists and I’m really interested in seeing where this thing goes.

Batman: The recent Court of Owls storyline was brilliant and the upcoming Joker crossover looks very cool. Scott Snyder is, hands-down, the best Batman writer around at present.

The Shadow: It’s a different Shadow than the classic version but I’m enjoying the ride so far.

Green Lantern: The story arc featuring Sinestro was interesting and Geoff Johns keeps doing some incredible world building here.

Rachel Rising: I don’t know what’s going on but it’s creepy as hell. Features the usual awesome writing and art that you’d expect from Terry Moore.

Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE: Very pulpy. Feels like Hellboy in the DCU. The art is sometimes a bit wonky but good stories.

Scarlet Spider: The story of Spider-Man’s clone Kaine as Houston’s new superhero has been surprisingly good. I enjoy it more than the main Spidey book.

X-O Manowar: The story is too decompressed for my tastes but I’m still enjoying it. Solid art.

I read lots more than the above but those are my faves at present — what about you?

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  1. I was on a haiatus from the comic shop for a few years. Recently went back to see what’s going on.

    Completely confused by DC and Marvel’s worlds right now.

    But here’s what I like:


    Atomic Robo.

    Super Dinosaur.

    IDW’s new Popeye.

    Clearly I’m in some sort of Throwback Mode.

    I visit the 99 cent bins and come up with unexpected goodies:

    Jonah Hex issues before the DC 52 reboot.

    A few issues of the Defenders, because of the Terry-Rachel Dodson art. Not too crazy about the sleazy characteristics assigned to Dr. Strange.

    The new reboot of Dark Horse Presents, primarily for the Tom Yeates’ Tarzan serial.

    I’m in the comic shop looking for entertainment. I must be too picky. Not finding a lot to grab me.

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