Wacky Wednesday

A new Table Talk episode is up, as Bobby Nash, Mike Bullock and I talk about pulp hero team-ups and the difficulties of transitioning from one medium to the next.

Managed to get a few pages written yesterday on my project for Jim Beard. Hopefully he’ll like it — I might be veering a bit from his original intentions but I think he’ll be pleased. I’m not blowing anybody up, just tweaking the horror level a teeny-tiny bit.

Reading “Voice of Death,” a Shadow novel. It’s been good — nothing amazing but a solid entry in the series. The narrative flows very quickly and I just realized I’m not far from the end. There’s no great bad guy in this one, which is sometimes my pet peeve with The Shadow. There are very few villains that are really worthy of him.

The Indiana Jones movies are about to be released on blu-ray and a new trailer was released at the San Diego Comic-Con. Looks amazing!