I’m in one of my love-hate moments with writing at the moment. I feel creatively spent and the act of pounding the keys isn’t bringing me any satisfaction. But I have a new book to promote and a looming deadline on a project so it’s off to writing work I must go.

Got a lot of nice responses to my Avenger announcement from yesterday – thank you, one and all. It was truly an honor to write the Justice, Inc. crew once again. I still have a second Moonstone Mystery Project that I can’t speak of just yet — fingers crossed that I’ll be able to do so soon. It’s in many ways a “smaller” project but it does deal with a classic pulp hero and I imagine fans of said character will be very intrigued.

Still hoping that the Lazarus Gray Origins project will get off the ground. Originally, I planned to run it in the Die Glocke book but obviously, that didn’t happen. Anthony Castrillo is the artist who was originally attached to it and I’m still hoping that the finished pages will end up in my inbox at some point. Anthony’s been busy with a lot of personal stuff as well as some super-secret work for a major comics publisher. For those who don’t remember (and it’s been awhile!), the Origins project consisted of five comic-book pages — basically one each detailing the origins of Lazarus Gray, Samantha Grace, Morgan Watts, Eun Jiwon and the Assistance Unlimited group. I wrote the script and I posted the layouts ages ago. Should be things of beauty when they’re done. I’ve toyed with the idea of having them run first in an issue of Pro Se Presents, just so you’ll be able to see them at a larger size than they’d be reproduced at in a standard Lazarus book. I’m including the first Lazarus Gray Origins layout page with this post so you can stare at it in awe.

Lots of good stuff out there in New Pulp land. Sometimes I think we’re growing too fast but other times I think we’re not moving forward at all. I’m just glad that more people are taking notice!