Yo! Get Your Free Stuff Here!

Press Release from Pro Se Press:

A CHANCE AT FREE STUFF ! From one of the best known writers in the New Pulp Movement comes his newest Pulp Hero Creation in its Second Volume! Barry Reese’s THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY VOLUME 2: DIE GLOCKE is an action packed tale of an adventurer and his teammates known as Assistance Unlimited and their confrontation with the evil, wild, and supernatural! Also featuring Reese’s prose take on comic hero The Black Terror! This is a great volume from a great writer and FOR THE NEXT 48 HOURS, anyone who purchases DIE GLOCKE from http://tinyurl.com/7kq62aq will receive THREE free Ebooks of any title Pro Se Productions has in Ebook form! This can be Novels, Anthologies, Magazine Issues, Pulp Obscura, Hansen’s Way, or Reese Unlimited! Any THREE Free Ebooks for the purchase of DIE GLOCKE from Amazon! Simply send your receipt to proseproductions@earthlink.net showing that your purchase was made from today through 5 PM CST Sunday, July 22 and You’ll get the free three ebooks of your choice in the format of your choosing!

One thought on “Yo! Get Your Free Stuff Here!

  1. Jose A. Rivera

    Figures. I ordered it on the 20th, not even knowing this was going on and I just see this NOW! lol, Oh, well, I’ll just have to give Pro Se more of my money lol

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