Thursday Things

Busy doing final edits on Mystery Project # 1 for Moonstone. I hope to be able to officially announce it soon. It’s fairly “big” news and deals with a classic pulp hero. Mystery Project # 2 is also in the hands of its editor.

For those who care about such things, I’m still reading The Phantom Detective: Phantoms in Bronze. It’s not just for fun – I’m prepping for my own take on the character for Airship 27.

I’m also working on the Lazarus Gray / Thunder Jim Wade teamup that will run in Lazarus Gray Volume Four. It brings back an obscure character who appeared in one scene in the first book. I’m devious that way.

Interesting to note that I’m working on the fourth book of the Lazarus series and I’ve only done six official Rook volumes. Lazarus is catching up really quickly!

I was also reminded by Jim Beard that I owe him a story that’s due in August. So I suppose I need to get going on that!

There’s been a whole host of New Pulp blogs and message boards springing up lately — I’m trying to keep up with them all but I’m failing pretty miserably. Still, the more attention paid to our little corner of the writing universe, the better!