So… What Lurks Behind Die Glocke’s Cover?

There are two stories in the new volume of Lazarus Gray: Die Glocke and Making of a Hero. The latter features a team- up with The Black Terror, who is exactly like you remember him.

And nothing at all like you remember him.

Die Glocke, meanwhile, is based in fact. Well, not REAL fact… But in crazy Nazi conspiracy circles, there are people who believe in it. You can even look it up on Wikipedia, so it must be true, right?

Anyway, Die Glocke means “The Bell” in German and was an experiment revolving around magnetic fields and a really big, mysterious bell-shaped machine.

Nobody talked about The Bell until Igor Witkowski’s 2000 book, The Truth About The Wonder Weapon. Since then, it’s become a major part of Nazi conspiracy theories.

In my story, I fudge the dates given by Witkowski so the experiment fits the timeframe of my Lazarus Gray stories but the details about the Bell itself are all, ahem, “true.”