Happenings in the New Pulp World

So, there have been several big New Pulp announcements lately that I wanted to comment on.

First up – Masks from Dynamite Entertainment. Dynamite holds the comics license to a number of classic pulp heroes, most notably The Shadow and The Spider. They also make good use of public domain characters. Now they’ve announced a series that will team all those heroes together, with Alex Ross artwork. The writer of the series (Chris Roberson) has been hit or miss with me in the past. I didn’t really enjoy any of his DC work but found the Star Trek/Legion of Super-Heroes crossover pretty fun. Alex Ross is a bit overrated to me — his artwork peaked back in the Nineties and it’s only gotten more stiff since then. But with all those characters coming together, how could I say no to this? I’m so there. Looking forward to seeing what they do, considering I’m enjoying their Shadow and Spider books quite a bit.

Next – Airship 27 has moved into the licensed book realm with their announcement of a Captain Action novel written by Jim Beard. Jim, of course, has had great success with his Sgt. Janus character. Now, I never played with Captain Action toys and was basically unaware of his existence until Moonstone started publishing comics with the character. I found the premise interesting but just couldn’t get into it — a problem I’ve had with other licensed media projects when I just didn’t have a pre-existing love for the material. I mean, I didn’t play with Transformers as a kid and now I just can’t get into the universe, despite repeated attempts. So I regard this with mixed emotions. I like Jim and I’d like to see the book be a success but I really have no affection for the character, especially a 1960s version that isn’t really the same guy that I read about in the couple of trades I got from Moonstone.  I wish them well but I’m not sure this one is for me – still, maybe I’ll check it out and hope that Jim can prove me wrong.

Lastly – Pro Se announced that they were going to be the publisher of the next Sun Koh book from Art Sippo. I loved the first book (published by Age of Adventure, I believe) and so I’m thrilled to know that  second is on the way and that it’ll get the usual Pro Se treatment. Sun Koh was the “Nazi Doc Savage” and Sippo successfully manages to make him the protagonist despite his Aryan beliefs, which is no small feat. I used Sippo’s version of Sun Koh (with his permission) in The Rook Volume Six and had a blast with it.