Saturday Stuff

A new episode of Ubergeeks is live so be sure to download it — the show’s available on iTunes or via the link on the top of this blog.

Work continues on the Thunder Jim Wade/Lazarus Gray team-up. Still not sure if this will squeeze its way in to the third volume or if it’s the lead story in volume four. Really depends on how long it ends up being but I’m beginning to think it’s gonna be a volume 4 story.

Out now: The Family Grace, which is an omnibus of rare and out-of-print material. Soon: the second volume of Lazarus Gray!

The Lazarus Gray Origins comic… still may be happening. Or it may not. Sigh.

The art for today comes from George Sellas and is going to run in the second Lazarus Gray book. It depicts the lovely but deadly Miya Shimada, who has a major role to play in Die Glocke.