Miscellanous Ramblings

Since I sent in edits on my mystery Moonstone project the other day, I’ve been focusing my attention on the Lazarus Gray/Thunder Jim Wade story since. I should be working on Foster Fade but that’s an old refrain by now.

According to Anthony Castrillo, I may actually receive the Lazarus Gray: Origins comic pages soon! I know, I know. After this long of a wait, they’ve acquired a semi-mythical quality, haven’t they? But maybe… maybe. There’s always hope, right? LOL

I may do another rpg writeup tomorrow but I’m not sure what character it’ll be. If you have suggestions, let me know.

Finishing up “The Blue Death,” a classic Shadow novel. It’s been fun though it won’t go down as one of my very favorite Shadow stories. It’s solid but the lack of a great villain keeps it from attaining legendary status. I do prefer the early Shadow novels, though — it’s not that the ones from the Forties aren’t good (some are truly incredible) but I find the earlier ones have a verve that’s more consistently present than in the later tales. Give me Harry Vincent and Rutledge Mann over Margo Lane any day.

Been  hearing snippets about Indiana Jones 5 and how unlikely it is that a new film will be made anytime soon. I’d love to see a new actor in the role — but NOT A REMAKE. I don’t want to see Raiders of the Lost Ark ‘re-imagined.’ Just put a new guy in the Fedora, have him be the same Indiana Jones characters and go forth. For that matter, I’m tired of seeing superhero movies rebooted. Here’s an idea — don’t do a freakin’ origin story over and over again. We know who Spider-Man is. Summarize his origin in the opening credits and then go tell a new Spidey story. Maybe I’m just old and grumpy, lol.

The artwork for today is by Anthony Castrillo and was his first attempt at Lazarus Gray — I immediately nixed the mask and a few other details, but it’s still a good look at the creative process.