eBook Best Seller List — Kaput

Just a note to say that I don’t plan to track the eBook best seller list anymore — it’s way too hard to keep up with what’s being released and when, especially since publishers don’t always synch up their print and eBook releases and fewer still bother letting me what’s going on. I’m apparently supposed to just know that Publisher XYZ has released a new book, even though I’ve never heard of XYZ before today.

I’ll continue to do the Monday print list because I enjoy it but if you want to track Kindle sales, by all means, do your own list.

Enjoy your day!

5 thoughts on “eBook Best Seller List — Kaput

  1. David White

    Bummer…but understandable. Well we appreciate the fact that you took the time to do this all all Barry! Thanks

  2. Thanks, David. I do plan to continue the print list — which I find more entertaining to do, personally, since a number of publishers still aren’t in the Kindle store and thus never show up on that list.

  3. It’s a smart move, Barry, even though I like seeing Metahuman Press rank on there regularly. It makes things MUCH harder to track and honestly is a far less accurate judge of sales then the Amazon ranks (which obviously are still not perfect), especially when folks like Airship and Moonstone don’t even release their books for Kindle.

  4. Understandable and honestly, I tend to look forward to the print list more than the ebook list, anyway. And I’m sure it’s more than enough work just to do the print list. And certainly there’s nothing to stop some enterprising soul from taking over the ebook list duties..

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