What’s Moving and Shaking?

I’ve turned in two mystery projects (meaning I can’t discuss them) to Moonstone — waiting to hear back if they’re accepted or in need of revision. I have no idea when they would ever see the light but both involve classic pulp characters.

Coming soon from Pro Se: The Family Grace: An Extraordinary History, which is an omnibus edition of obscure and Rook-related  previously-published stories, all behind a gorgeous George Sellas cover. Then in July, the second Lazarus Gray volume (also with cover and interior art by George) comes your way. At some point this year (no idea when) you’ll see the new editions of The Rook Volume One and Two, plus a Johnny Dollar story that I wrote last year should see print.I also contributed to the round-robin project that Pro Se is putting together, involving many of the biggest names in New Pulp. I’ve written my chapter already and I assume work is continuing elsewhere.

Currently, I’m writing a Lazarus Gray/Thunder Jim Wade epic that will either see print in Volume Three of the Gray series or (possibly) in Volume Four. It all depends on the length.

The long-awaited, semi-mythical Lazarus Gray “Origins” project? Still on life support. Anthony Castrillo, the original artist, re-entered the picture awhile back but I have no ETA on the pages. He’s busy with work for the newly revived Valiant Comics.

I’m  supposed to be working on a Foster Fade story for Pulp Obscura. In all honesty, I shouldn’t have agreed to do it. The character doesn’t interest me and I’m burned out on licensed characters after doing rush-jobs on those two Moonstone projects. It’s tough at times — you want to do high-visibility projects and in some cases, you’re specifically asked for by the editor. So you have to find a ‘hook’ that can get you into the character — I managed to do that with Johnny Dollar and Richard Knight, for instance, but I’m having a tougher time with Foster Fade.

See? This is the kind of brutal honesty you get by reading my blog.

I’m reading The Pulptress collection that Pro Se just published.I’m in story # 2 right now. Expect a review of the entire package when I finish the book, which should be soon — it’s not very long since it’s a digest. So far, so good.


  1. Barry I think you will find that Foster Fade will entice you at some point. I think all the places you can go with the character will light the bulb that is your imagination. I always see Inspector Gadget myself.

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