Aric of Dacia
“Feel my power!”

Affiliations: Solo D10 Buddy D8 Team D6

Distinctions: D4 (+1PP) or D8
Man Out of Time
Savage Code of Honor
“Conan In A Can”

Power Sets:

X-O Manowar Class Armor (Symbiotic)
Cybernetic Senses D6
Enhanced Reflexes D8
Superhuman Durability D10
Superhuman Strength D10
Energy Blast D10
Flight D10
SFX: Area Attack. Target multiple opponents. For every additional target, add D6 to your pool and keep +1 effect die.
SFX: Boost. Shutdown highest-rated X-O MANOWAR CLASS ARMOR power to step up another power by +1. Recover power by activating an opportunity or during a Transition scene.
SFX: Energy Absorption. On a successful reaction against an energy attack action, convert your opponent’s effect die into a X-O MANOWAR CLASS ARMOR stunt or step up a power by +1 for your next action. Spend 1 PP to use this stunt if your opponent’s action succeeds.
SFX: Berserk. Add a die from the doom pool to one or more attack actions. Step up the doom pool die by +1 for each action; return it to doom pool when you’re done.
Limit: Power Surge. Shutdown highest-rated power to gain 1 PP. Take an action vs. the doom pool to recover.

Armor Control Ring
Mind Control D6
Limit: Functions only with the armor, allowing the wearer to summon the armor to him and to aid in binding its will to his.
Limit: Gear.

Combat Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Cosmic Expert D8 or 2D6
Menace Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6

Blood Oath to Destroy the Spider Aliens
1xp when encountering an agent of The Spider Aliens.
3xp when actively destroying a small enclave of Spider Aliens or exploring their plans for earth.
10xp when either destroying a major colony of Spider Aliens or leaving earth for a time to pursue them across space.

Orb Industries
1XP when forced to alter your natural behavior in order to save face at Orb.
3XP when Ken Clarkson or Randy Cartier are threatened by your enemies.
10XP when claiming a rival company as spoils of war and absorbing it into Orb Industries.

Notes: One of my all-time favorite characters, X-O Manowar starred in a 68-issue series back in the Nineties. He’s recently been revived but this writeup is based on the “classic” version of the character, since the revival is so new that I’m not certain what elements may have changed. A Visigoth barbarian who claims an alien warsuit for himself, Aric is transplanted to the modern day, where he quickly claims Orb Industries (a shell company owned by the Spider Aliens). Taught the modern tongue by his sentient armor, Aric is now a hero in the modern day, working alongside beings like Shadowman, The Eternal Warrior and Bloodshot.

And yes, I know he’s not by any stretch of the imagination, a pulp character — but I felt like statting him up so you’ll just have to get over it. I’ll return to pulp-related writeups after this one, I promise.


      1. Barry where is this image taken from , what source a magazine, a poster. Where exactly did you pull this image from. I know that Joe Quesada is the artist. The X-O O cover has Aric in his old armor, This is his new armor, best Dom. Lasty is this image signed anywhere Quesada/Palmiotti?

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