It’s Friday, Y’all

So it’s Friday and we’ve reached the end of another work week. I managed to finish off mystery project # 2 and turn it in — hopefully I’ll get feedback on it and mystery project # 1 (both for Moonstone) soon. See if they’re accepted, rejected or just headed for massive edits. Now I’m reading Foster Fade stories and trying to muster enthusiasm for that project, which is due in about a month. Honestly, I’m feeling pretty blah about writing and New Pulp in general at the moment so it’s hard to get much momentum going. The past few days I’ve worked a little bit on a Lazarus Gray/Thunder Jim Wade story.

These emotional ups-and-downs are common for me. I’m actually pretty mellow in real life but there are definitely times when I wish I could move on from writing — I have a definite love/hate relationship with this compulsion of mine.

Been getting a lot of hits for the rpg writeups lately, which surprises me. I enjoy doing them so if they’re popular, all the better.

Our image today is the key cast members of the excellent film Prometheus, clowning around. Oh, David, you’re such a card.

Enjoy the day, people!


  1. It’s a bit relieving I’m not the only one who gets like that about writing. You see everyone posting up progress updates and whatnot, sometimes it feels like being the odd man out when you’re in a hatred stage.

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