Richard Henry Benson

Affiliations: Solo D10   Buddy D6   Team D8

Distinctions: D4 (+1PP) or D8
Icy Determination
Renaissance Man
Inspires Loyalty

Power Sets:

Paralyzed Face
Shapeshifting D8
SFX: Due to the bizarre psychological trauma inflicted by the loss of his wife and child, Benson’s face has become malleable. He is able to shift the muscles of his face into new positions and hold them there. To mimic other effects, such as height or eye color, Benson uses equipment such as shoe inserts or colored contacts.
Limit: Conscious Activation
Limit: Difficulty expressing visible emotion. Due to the paralysis of his muscles, Benson appears to have a flat affect, even when in disguise.

Justice Inc. Gear
Weapon D6
Enhanced Durability D8 (tightly woven bullet-proof clothing)
Two-Way Radio D6
Knockout Gas Bombs D8
SFX: Mike & Ike: Benson carries a .22 revolver (“Mike”) and a needle-pointed throwing knife (“Ike”)
SFX: Creasing: Benson can spend 1 PP to borrow the highest die in the doom pool to increase the likelihood of “creasing” an enemy’s skull – doing knockout damage without inflicting greater harm.
Limit: Gear

Specialized Car
Superhuman Durability D10
Knockout Gas Torpedoes D10
Superhuman Speed D10
SFX: This vehicle, “a rather dull 1935 model,” can attain speeds of up to 130 mph, which is unheard of in the 1930s.

Business Expert D8 or 2D6
Combat Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Covert Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Crime Master D10 or 2D8 or 3D6
Menace Expert D8 or 2D6
Tech Expert D8 or 2D6

Search for the Truth
1XP when conducting research into the disappearance of his wife and daughter.
3XP when dealing with people from his past, who knew Benson before his transformation into The Avenger.
10XP when finding an important clue to the truth or when admitting that there is no hope of ever finding them.

To Die By Their Own Hands
1XP when warning an enemy that, through their own actions, they may be leading themselves towards death or maiming.
3XP when put in the position where he could save an enemy from a death at their own hands.
10XP when successfully tricking or allowing an enemy to perish, through no direct effort of his own.


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