What Lies Ahead

I’m about 10k away from finishing the first draft of Lazarus Gray volume 3 so I hope to have that done by Friday.

Then it’s on to my secret Moonstone project, which shouldn’t take too long – it’s a short story. The characters aren’t my favorites but I understand them and the premise (which I was assigned) is something I have a lot of experience writing.

After that? I don’t know. A part of me wants to keep going with Laz and company – ride that wave until it crashes. But I also feel like doing something new so we’ll see.

Nobody responded to my question about rpg stats you wanted to see – I knew going in that posting those was mostly for me, anyway lol. I do plan to continue doing them, cause I enjoy it.

A new Ubergeeks is live! Check it out by clicking the link on top of the blog.


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