New Art — And More!

So work is speeding along on several fronts: Tales of the Rook going through formatting as we speak and should be on your shelves soon. George Sellas has already begun designing the cover for The Rook Volume Two re-release and is also working on the interiors. The menacing fellow at left is Shinigami, a deadly mirror image of The Rook from the classic adventure, “Blitzkrieg.” This is just a rough but man, isn’t it gorgeous? George is amazing.

I’m well over 30k on the Lazarus Gray novel, Eidolon. I think it’s going well but I still can’t reveal much about it until after Die Glocke is out. A lot of what’s in Eidolon builds upon that.

Hope folks are enjoying the rpg writeups I’ve been posting — so far I’ve done The Shadow and Lazarus Gray. If you do enjoy them, let me know what pulp heroes you’d like me to do next. I’ve thought about The Rook, Doc Savage or Derrick Ferguson’s Dillon… but I’m not sure yet.

Currently a Shadow novel, The London Crimes. After that, I’ll be reading a couple of G-8 novels and then on to other things.

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