Lazarus Gray Wednesday Part II: New Reviews!

Two new reviews have gone up at — let’s see what folks are saying about The Adventures of Lazarus Gray!

Jose Rivera posted the following:

I picked up this e-book on a random whim. I liked the cover, I like pulp-esque characters and I have to say this was a pleasant surprise. The mystery of who Lazarus Gray is, combined with a great supporting cast and some really interesting villains, kicked off my first experience with an E-Book. And what’s even more surprising is the fact that while each story can be viewed as a stand alone piece, there is a nice running thread which builds the tension.

Each villain in each story is a worthy opponent, running between alien menaces, a cursed mummy, cults and oh yes, a Nazi with an axe to grind with Lazarus.

I’m trying to avoid all spoilers here because I truly believe these stories need to be read and enjoyed. This book was right up my alley but I’m so happy I caught it randomly. It scratches me right where I itch and I hope to see more adventures of Lazarus Gray!

C William Russette chimed in with the following review:

THE ADVENTURES OF LAZARUS GRAY by Barry Reese delivers everything that I was hoping it would. There is plenty of action, occult, happenings, a quartet of interesting characters and even a guest star from Mr. Reese’s other, likely better known character, The Rook.

I have read elsewhere that this is a character that is a sort of homage to the classic pulp character The Avenger. I’ve never read anything of said character so I went in blind save for the knowledge that Mr. Reese knows how to spin a yarn.

There are seven stories to be found within this collection. Some have seen print before elsewhere but they were all new to me. I won’t say that I liked them all equally (or disliked ANY) but that is only because we all have preferences. I lean towards the supernatural side of things and those tales Mr. Reese wrote involving Mr. Gray and Assistance Unlimited were great fun and interesting to read.

The pacing in every story is breakneck and frankly it makes the book rather hard to put down. I won’t give away anything as far as the plot goes. Pertaining to the characters of Gray’s team I will say that I find each every bit as interesting as the lead in the tales. I particularly thing that Samantha could hold a story or two all by her lonesome.

As far as being worthy to be included among the great tales coming forth from the New Pulp movement, Lazarus Gray and his crew have their place of honor cemented.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write a review, guys! I’m pleased that you enjoyed book one and hope that you’ll enjoy the sequel just as much. Look for volume two to drop sometime in July!



  1. Holy crap, that’s my review! I just finished the book on my Kindle. Yeah, I know, writing a review before I finished the last story wasn’t the smartest of ideas, but after reading “The Burning Skull” it was a foregone conclusion. I got into Pulp stories in 2003 when I learned about the Wold Newton theory and it opened my tastes to a slew of stories. To see something like Lazarus Gray come out today but still retain that Pulp flavor with a dash of adventure is such a joy to read. Like I said in the Amazon review, I picked this book up randomly and it was my first E-Book, so already it has a special place in my heart. But to see this and hopefully you just got my Tweets asking about future volumes (Which were answered here) makes it all the more special.

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