Sunday Thoughts

Finished both The Shadow Laughs and Rick Lai’s Shadow chronology. Now I’m reading one of The Shadow’s adventures in England.

Also been learning the new Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game rules. After some initial trepidation, I’m starting to really get into the open-ended nature of them. I’ve been starting up The Shadow and plan to do Lazarus Gray next. If you guys are interested, I’ll post the writeups here.

While writing Eidolon, another difference between Lazarus Gray and The Rook occurred to me: most of The Rook’s enemies are one-and-done, dying at the end of their debut. Laz has a host of recurring villains, in addition to the one-and-dones: Walther Lunt, Princess Femi, Doc Pemberley – they are just three that make multiple appearances in the first three books.

Still no word from Anthony about the Origins pages so I may have to shift gears and get a new artist on that project.

Art today is by George Sellas and comes from Die Glocke.

Tomorrow is the weekly Best Seller list and Tuesday will see me listing the Best New Pulp Characters.

Stay tuned!


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