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So it’s the beginning of another week — and one where I really need to buckle down and start my Thunder Jim Wade story. Having read a couple of old stories, this character is a lot of fun so it should be interesting. I always find work-for-hire interesting… on the one hand, it’s great to handle other characters and be challenged by them but at the same time, I always feel like it’s keeping me away from my “real” writing (i.e., my own stuff). I shouldn’t feel that way but I can’t help it. So I’m going to do my best on Thunder Jim Wade and then enjoy getting back to Lazarus Gray and co. Hopefully this and the Richard Knight book will expose me to new readers, who will then check out Lazarus, The Rook, Rabbit Heart, etc.

A few pleasant things were posted on my Facebook pages lately:

Paul Hasbrouk said “Hello Barry- just had to say i am big fan of the Rook series. I grew up reading my grandfather & father’s old copies of The Shadow, Doc Savage and others, so The Rook is a great return to a age of heroes. Thank you.”

Isn’t that awesome?! I also learned about the pulps from my dad’s Doc Savage, Shadow and Avenger paperbacks. I think it’s great to pass on the love for these classic characters to new generations.

R. Christopher Qualls wrote “For anyone who enjoys pulp fiction in the old-style vein, I recommend you buy “The Adventures of Lazarus Gray.” Reminds me in many ways of those old Doc Savage novels I used to devour as a teenager. :)”

Thanks, man! I really had fun writing Lazarus Gray and hope that everyone will check out Die Glocke when it hits the stands in a few months. The Lazarus sequel features a few homages to my favorite Indiana Jones novels & even Mike Mignola’s Hellboy, all while sending Assistance Unlimited around the world in a novel-length adventure.

Attached you’ll find a rough sketch by George Sellas depicting a scene from Bobby Nash’s Tales of the Rook story.  Let this whet your appetite — and keep in mind that it’s only a rough sketch so while it’s awesome as-is, George is really knocking the ball out of the park on the finished stuff. I’m thrilled to have George on the project — his artwork is going to make the incredible stories by Fortier, Hancock, Bullock, Constantine and Nash even better!

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