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Got a rough sketch of the cover for The Adventures of Lazarus Gray volume two last night from artist George Sellas and it was GORGEOUS! I’d love to share it but since it was just a production sketch, I’m not sure George would like that. But it bodes quite well for the future — very pulpy but with the modern sensibilities that George always brings to the table, too. George did interiors on volume one and will be doing double duty on volume two, handing both the cover and the interior illustrations. The image accompanying this post is from volume two and features the lovely but dangerous Miya Shimada.

Speaking of Volume One, if you’re thinking about giving the gift of pulp to someone this holiday season, you should be aware of the fact that Amazon currently has The Adventures of Lazarus Gray on sale for 28% off cover price! That’s right, you can get the first book in the series for only $8.64! So go and stock up now!

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