Awards Season Is Approaching!

Awards Season for the New Pulp community is just around the corner — sometime this month the Pulp Ark guys will start requesting nominations for the 2012 awards and the Pulp Factory Awards will be coming along not long after that, also seeking out nominations. For Pulp Ark, the main requirement is that the story/book has to have been published in 2011. For The Pulp Factory, it’s the same plus it needs to be set prior to 1940 or in the far future. Hey, they get to set their rules so no complaining!

Anyway, the following are the things that have been published in 2011 that are eligible for the Pulp Ark Awards. I added PF after the ones that would also be eligible for Pulp Factory. I’ll let everyone know when nominations are open, as well as how to vote (the Pulp Ark voting is open to anyone who makes nominations but the Pulp Factory voting is open only to members of that group). Here we go:

The Rook Volume Six
The Adventures of Lazarus Gray (PF)
The Damned Thing (PF)

“Summer of Death” – The Green Hornet Casefiles
“The Devil’s Workmen” – The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files (PF)
“Desolation” – How The West Was Weird, Volume Two (PF)

Jason Levesque – The Damned Thing (PF)
Anthony Castrillo – The Adventures of Lazarus Gray (PF)
Ed Mironiuk — The Rook Volume Six

Anthony Castrillo – The Rook Volume Six
George Sellas — The Adventures of Lazarus Gray (PF)
Kevin Duncan – The Damned Thing (PF)

The image accompanying this post is by Anthony Castrillo and comes from The Rook Volume Six.

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