So every week I jump over to amazon and check to see what’s selling among my titles. But this week, I decided to do something different — I listed out 10 recent New Pulp releases (books from the past few months) and then went and checked their Amazon Sales Ranks.  This is not meant to be taken as a full list, mind you — it was literally just the list of 10 recent books that I could think of  at the time.

Now, how Amazon calculates those things is mostly a trade secret and they vary wildly from day to day.If I checked this tomorrow, the list could be very different.

But these are the sales ranks as of Monday Morning October 31, 2011 (Happy Halloween, btw). These sales ranks do not include sales from any site other than Amazon — so they don’t include Barnes and Noble or face-to-face sales or sales through any other website. It’s only sales through Amazon. As an example, I know that Fortune’s Pawn is the bestselling book in Pro Se’s history but a large percentage of those sales obviously did not go through Amazon (at least not recently). So you have to take these sales ranks with a grain of salt.

But it’s still kinda interesting.

Without further ado, here’s the completely and totally unofficial New Pulp bestseller list as of right now (title then sales rank):

1) Doc Savage: The Desert Demons by Will Murray – 57,919
2) Deadly Games by Bobby Nash — 110,294
3) The Adventures of Lazarus Gray by Barry Reese – 191,612
4) Creeping Dawn: The Rise of the Black Centipede by Chuck Miller – 254,905
5) Halloween Legion by Martin Powell — 287,159
6) The Avenger: The Justice Inc. Files by Various — 289,681
7) Four Bullets for Dillon by Derrick Ferguson — 333,029
8 ) Hugh Monn, Private Detective by Lee Houston, Jr — 360,749
9) The Green Hornet Casefiles by Various  – 794,351
10) Fortune’s Pawn by Nancy Hansen — 2,140,604


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