Veteran author Mat Nastos posted a review of The Rook Volume Two over on the Barnes and Noble site. Here’s what he had to say:

This was my first exposure to The Rook by Barry Reese and it was a pretty decent read – I read the ePub version that was $1.99. If you’ve ever read a book or story featuring one of the “mystery men” types of the 30s-40s (or, like me, remember them from cheap paperback novels in the 70s) – characters like The Shadow, The Phantom or Doc Savage – then you’ll know exactly what to expect here: lot’s of action and lots of simple, straight forward fun. If that’s what you’re looking for then you’ll thoroughly enjoy the adventures of the Rook, who takes a lot of inspiration from the aforementioned Shadow and Phantom.

The book is made up of 6 short stories all featuring Reese’s leading man, the Rook, and most guest starring a rather blatant (but enjoyable) Russian Doc Savage knock-off, Leonid Kaslov. The first tale, Kaslov’s Fire, is the best of the bunch. The rest are all enjoyable but feel way too short – most have solid build-ups with rushed endings.

All-in-all, The Rook Volume 2 was a really solid nod to the “men’s adventure” stories of the past and very well written. My only recommendation is that you pick up the eBook for $1.99. I’m not sure I’d have rated as high if I’d paid the $11.95 asked for a print copy.

Thanks to Mat for taking the time to post his review! “Kaslov’s Fire” has always been a very popular story with fans of The Rook. The only thing I would add with regards to the print vs. eBook argument is that the print versions contain interior illustrations. Volume two features some great pieces by Ver Curtiss!

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