Another Day, Another Blood-Soaked Adventure

Still working on another Lazarus Gray story — it’s going well and really getting into some exciting territory. This one should run in the eventual third collection. No reviews in yet for The Adventures of Lazarus Gray but the book is selling well so hopefully someone will review it soon.

Tonight I will be co-hosting the new episode of the Pulped! podcast. We’ll be talking with New Pulp legend Derrick Ferguson about his new book, Four Bullets for Dillon.

Had to turn down a couple of offered projects in the past few days. I don’t have the enthusiasm at present for new tasks — I’m focusing on my own stuff for right now and maybe when things lighten up, I can afford to look into new characters and projects for other folks.

Looking forward to The Rook’s comic book debut, but that’s probably a month or so from now. Bear with me — it’s gonna be cool!

The artwork for this post is by Anthony Castrillo and depicts The Rook alongside the lovely but dangerous Revenant.

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