Lazarus Gray

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The Adventures of Lazarus Gray is now out — it should be on Amazon sometime next week but until then you can buy it at Createspace. I’ve had folks tell me that they think it’s much better than my Rook series and I have to agree — I love Max Davies and his crew but from day one the heroes of Assistance Unlimited seemed very real — and very exciting — to me. In book one the cast consists of:

Lazarus Gray — A mysterious figure who literally washes up on the shore of Sovereign City with few clues to his true identity.

Eun Jiwon — A Korean immigrant whose parents ran afoul of a protection racket. Eun is a fiery personality with a few secrets of his own.

Morgan Watts — Former confidence man turned roguish hero, Morgan is the oldest member of the group. Given his past, he often serves as the most cynical member of the team.

Samantha Grace — A stunning young blonde, her parents were philanthropic idealists… until the day that her father became the target of blackmailers. Now Samantha uses her intelligence to aid Lazarus Gray in his war on crime.

Those four are the core characters in the series and I’m proud to say that all of them undergo actual growth over the course of the seven stories in book one.

Book two is a novel-length adventure called Die Glocke and I’m currently writing stories for an eventual third volume.

The fellow at left is Walther Lunt, one of the major villains in the series. The image is by George Sellas and is actually going to appear in Die Glocke.

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