First, there’s a new Table Talk column up — Mike Bullock, Bobby Nash and myself talk about our characters and what we will or won’t be willing to put them through. A fun topic, I think!

Also, you may have heard that The Adventures of Lazarus Gray is now up available! The first book in my new Reese Unlimited imprint from Pro Se Productions, this book features a cover by Anthony Castrillo, interior pieces by George Sellas and seven (!) short stories and novellas from me. I think it’s the best New Pulp book I’ve done yet so please check it out! It’ll be on Amazon in a week or so but until then you can buy it straight through Createspace. It’s 250 pages for $12.00, which is quite a bargain, I think.

The titles of the seven stories in the book are: “The Girl With the Phantom Eyes” (nominated for Best Short Story in the 2011 Pulp Ark Awards), “The Devil’s Bible,” “The Corpse Screams at Midnight,” “The Burning Skull,” “The Axeman of Sovereign City,” “The God of Hate” and “Darkness, Spreading Its Wings of Black.”

The spiffy logo at left was created by the talented Sean Ali, who also did all the graphic design work on the Lazarus Gray book. I quite like it. I’d mentioned a few days ago that I wasn’t too sure about the imprint name but after seeing the logo, I’m quite keen on it.

The Damned Review contest still stands — if you’re the first person to post a review of my book The Damned Thing on and let me know about it, I’ll send you a free copy of The Adventures of Lazarus Gray!




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